Division of Adolescent Medicine

Victoria Miller

Dr. Miller is the Director of Research for the Division. She is a clinical child psychologist, specializing in pediatric psychology, with expertise in psychosocial aspects of chronic illness, child and family decision making, and pediatric bioethics. Methodologically, she has significant experience with measure development, observational methods, and qualitative design and analysis. One broad area of her research has focused on independent self-management of chronic illness, with a particular focus on the development of decision making autonomy and competence. This line of research has underscored that the parent-adolescent relationship is an important context in which decision making independence and competence develop. The second broad area of her research has focused on informed consent and assent in pediatric medical settings, with specific projects related to physician-parent-patient communication, parental decision making control, and children’s and adolescents’ roles in decision making. Moving forward, Dr. Miller plans to extend her work by examining physician-parent-adolescent communication during medical encounters, with a focus on factors that impact adolescent participation and disengagement during these encounters.